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  Immigration law for entrepreneurs

Do you want to start a business in Germany and seek permanent residency in Germany for this purpose? Our partners will gladly assist you with their longstanding experience. We will support you in starting your business, designing a viable business plan as well as in acquiring a residence permit for self-employment.

Do you want to employ a person living abroad as a salaried employee in your German company? German companies are increasingly dependent on the help of skilled workers from other countries. Acquiring a work permit is closely connected to the issue of acquiring a residence permit.

We will gladly support you and your family in this matter and all other issues of business immigration law.



  Family law for entrepreneurs

Is your marriage suffering from problems at your own company, or is your company suffering from your marital problems?

We advise and support entrepreneurs and business owners during the hard time of separation and divorce with respect to all the issues that typically arise from divorce, alimony, and marital property law. In addition, we design prenuptial agreements tailored to your demands, guarding you against and addressing key problems of marital unions between business owners.

As mediators with an ends-based approach, we offer advice and support in solving problems related to family law.

We support you in all matters of family law in connection with businesses.