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Immigration law

Immigration law, also known as residency law or even foreigner law, is concerned with the ways of acquiring legal and long-term residency in Germany. The focus here is on obtaining a residency permit. The purposes of residing in Germany can be multifarious:

  • being self-employed in Germany,
  • working as a salaried employee,
  • joining spouses and family reunification,
  • studying or research,

and many others.

Further, immigration law is concerned with the question of how to make the residence status permanent. This includes the issue of acquiring permanent residency – an unlimited residence permit – or even acquiring German citizenship.



Family law

We will gladly assist you, advise you, and explain any legal questions you have related to marriage, kinship, or civil partnerships. We will also fight for your cause should any such situation arise or change.

In addition, immigration issues tend to touch upon foreign legal systems. International family law, for one, is increasingly and uniformly based on the spouses' place of habitual residence. We would be happy to show you in a personal meeting, what this connection means for your marriage, and what the effects of the respective regulation are with respect to a possible divorce, alimony, and marital property. We will also support you in drawing up prenuptial agreements and choosing legal agreements to spare you any undesirable consequences of immigration.