Your specialised lawyer’s office

We are a lawyer’s office specialised in immigration and family law. By introducing specialist lawyers, the German bar associations have set high standards, safeguarding the quality of client support. Lawyers must be able to verify relevant theoretical and practical experience to be considered specialised.

The focus of our partnership lies on business immigration law as well as German and international family law.

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Immigration law

Dr. Manzel acquired the qualification as a “specialised lawyer for immigration law” in 2016.

In the field of migration law, we are the people to talk to when applying for residence permits to

  • send employees to Germany for carrying out projects,
  • relocate one’s company to Germany or found a new company in Germany,
  • take up employment as a foreign skilled worker at a German company,
  • apply for an “EU blue card”,
  • employ foreign skilled workers at one’s company.

We are convinced that Germany will be faced with great challenges because of the existing lack of skilled professionals in the decades to come. However this demand creates unique opportunities for qualified individuals who seek to relocate to Germany.

Family law

In addition to her experience in business immigration law, Dr. Yerlikaya-Manzel is also a specialised lawyer for family law. She is the person to talk about on the following issues:

  • prenuptial agreements,
  • applying for divorce,
  • alimony for children and spouses,
  • disputes over matrimonial property,
  • pension rights equalisation,
  • child arrangements,
  • child custody.

We recommend you seek our specialised advice and support in any of these cases!